Exploding Baggies Baking Soda Experiment

Science Experiments / Saturday, August 25th, 2018

Who doesn't love baking soda and vinegar science experiments?

This is a super simple science experiment that my kids loved.

Basically: We took some baking soda and vinegar, put them together in a plastic baggy, and watched it explode.

Warning: this is super messy.  Do this outside.  Or in the bathtub.  It's sticky and fizzy and best washed off with a hose.

baking soda vinegar science experiment

Step 1: Put some vinegar in your plastic baggy (we didn't measure).  You can add some food colouring at this stage too, if you want.

Step 2: Twist the baggy at the middle and clamp it closed with a clothespin.

Step 3: Add some baking soda (we didn't measure).

Step 4: Seal the plastic baggy really well.

Step 5: Remove the clothespin and untwist.

Step 6: Watch it explode!

If it didn't explode, you need to add more vinegar or baking soda or both.

Rebecca is a mother of twin boys and a professional blogger.  She loves to bake, knit, and run through the forest.

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