12 Halloween Bat Crafts for Kids

DIY Kids Crafts, Halloween / Monday, September 10th, 2018

With Halloween coming up, you might want to start making from Halloween bat crafts with the kids.

These bats are cute and super simple to make.  Hang them in the window, give them to friends (especially the ones with candy inside!)

12 Halloween bat crafts for kids

Turn your old egg cartons into hanging bats.

Make some bats out of construction paper to hang in your trees or your window.

Turn an old flower pot into a bat decoration for Halloween.

Make some adorable bat bookmarks out of construction paper.

Make some bat lanterns to make your Halloween extra spooky (and adorable).

Try out this easy origami bat craft for the littles.

Give out these super cute bat candy holders to friends and neighbours.

Make a bat finger puppet out of paper.

Play this bat matching game with the littles.

Turn your pumpkins into bats.

Make some bat pencil toppers out of felt.

Turn your pom poms into cute hanging bats.

Rebecca is a mother of twin boys and a professional blogger.  She loves to bake, knit, and run through the forest.

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2 Replies to “12 Halloween Bat Crafts for Kids”

  1. Yes, Halloween is around the corner. I love crafts and using recycled materials made it more environmentally friendly. Most important is having a fun time with my kids doing these crafts. I do have a couple of old flower pots. And I like the hanging bats and lantern too. Thanks for sharing the ideas.

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Sharon!  Yes, it’s only September but I find myself thinking, “Hmmm….is it too early to start Halloween decorations?  Will the neighbours think I’m nuts if I start putting bats on the door now…?”  

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