23 Simple Cardboard Tube Crafts for Kids

DIY Kids Crafts / Saturday, September 1st, 2018

Cardboard tube crafts are great for entertaining the kiddos on rainy afternoons, or any other time they're stuck inside.

My kids are huge fans of noise and chaos and throwing things through the air.... (Aren't they all?)

... and so our favourite crafts are the mazes, the race cars, and the angry birds that we can make and known over again and again and again.

23 simple cardboard tube crafts for kids

Simple (Yet Adorable) Cardboard Tube Crafts for Kids

cardboard tube crafts - binoculars

The Spruce has a super simple tutorial on how to make binoculars out of cardboard tubes.

Make a super adorable toilet paper roll fox.

Make a coiled snake and hide him in the garden.

Stash some candy or other treasures in these cardboard tube monsters.

Create a cute and colourful hula girl and a mermaid.

Organize your kids' art station with this homemade cardboard tube organizer.

Make a rocket ship or a flying fish.

Make a whole castle for your budding kings and queens.

Turn your toilet paper rolls into adorable little houses for your kids' tiny toys.

Got a kid who loves Pokemon?  Trying making Pokemon out of cardboard tubes.  Then try to catch them all.  (Haha. #momjoke)

You can also make ninja turtles out of toilet paper rolls.

Feed the birds with this super simple bird feeder.

Make a train out of egg cartons and toilet paper rolls.

Got a kid who loves race cars?  Make race cars out of toilet paper rolls.

Make some angry birds.  Then see if you can knock them down.

cardboard tube STEM activities

Super Simple Cardboard Tube STEM Activities

Using cardboard tubes and masking tape, build a cardboard tube marble run (that tapes to the wall).

Build a free standing marble run.

Build a catapult out of a cardboard tube and a plastic spoon.

Got some budding engineers?  Try building a bridge.

Make a telescope with a lens out of toilet paper rolls to entertain the kiddos.

Kids into space?  Build a rocket ship out of toilet paper rolls.

Make a ball maze to keep the kids busy for hours.

Learn about nature by making some seed planters and starting a garden.

Rebecca is a mother of twin boys and a professional blogger.  She loves to bake, knit, and run through the forest.

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2 Replies to “23 Simple Cardboard Tube Crafts for Kids”

  1. These look like so much fun that you would probably find me doing this all alone at home. lol…

    But I have little nephews and nieces and what a great idea to keep them occupied when they come to visit. I have 2 cats, so instead of harassing the cats, I could get them to sit down and behave, while focusing their attention on this fun craft.

    Thanks a ton!

    1. Haha.  I love that, Reyhana!  I definitely find myself finishing a lot of these crafts all by myself while the littles wreck another part of the house. (Haha.)  I can usually get mine to sit still for at least half the craft.  There was actually once (only once!) where we all sat still for about 3 whole crafts.  That was nothing short of a miracle.

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