Simple DIY Halloween Costumes for Kids

Halloween / Tuesday, October 2nd, 2018

Halloween is just around the corner, and there are so many great ideas for DIY Halloween costumes for kids that won't break your budget and don't require sewing skills or a fine arts degree.

This collection of simple DIY Halloween costumes is perfect to make for your littles just in time to go trick or treating.

23 Simple DIY halloween cotumes for kids

23 Simple DIY Halloween Costumes for Kids

These DIY Halloween costumes are super simple to make and they are beyond adorable.  Everything from food to mythical creatures to heavy machinery can by DIY'd in time for Halloween.

No-sew pizza costume - Turn your kid into a slice of pizza with this easy no-sew Halloween costume.

Glowing stick man - This DIY Halloween costume looks amazing in the dark.  All you need are glow sticks, some packing tape, and black clothing.

Rain cloud costume - With some polyester batting, some felt, and a few other supplies, you can turn your little into a rain cloud.

Easy Pineapple costume - Some paper, glue, a headband, and a yellow shirt are all you need to make this cute pineapple costume.

No-sew crayon costume - Just use felt and hot glue to make this adorable DIY crayon custome for kids.

Super easy lion costume - All you need is yarn (and a yellow shirt) to make this lion costume in a snap (no knitting or crochet skills required).

Easy iPad costume - Turn some cardboard and paper into an iPad with this super easy tutorial.

Easy Donut Costume - Have a pool inner tube laying around?  Turn it into a donut costume for your kids.

No-sew care bear costume - Turn a hoodie into a care bear costume with some felt and hot glue.

Easy sushi costume - If you have a few sewing skills, you can turn some fabric into a sushi costume for your toddler.

No-sew shark costume - Turn a hoodie into a shark with this easy shark costume tutorial.

DIY dragon wings - Turn metal coat hangers and some fleece into a pair of dragon wings (some sewing required).

Easy monarch butterfly wings - Use felt and hot glue to make these easy no-sew monarch butterfly wings.

DIY excavator costume - Turn some foam board, cardboard, and duct tape into an amazing excavator costume for your little digger

Easy octopus costume - Turn some tights into an octopus with this DIY octopus costume tutorial.

DIY lumberjack costume - You probably have most of the things you need for this DIY lumberjack costume laying around the house (like fleece and a broomstick).

Easy ninja turtle costume - This DIY ninja turtle Halloween costume is super simple to make and requires no sewing.

DIY fairy costume - With a bit of sewing, some crinoline and felt and hot glue (and a few other things), you can make your own homemade fairy costume for your little.

DIY Pacman costume - Use some cardboard and spray make to make your own Pacman costume (complete with ghosts).

Easy Olaf costume - Turn a white hoodies into Olaf the snowman with some felt (and a few other supplies).

No-sew strongman costume - A cardboard tube and balloons can be turned into weights for this adorable strongman costume.

DIY peacock costume - With just a bit of sewing, you can make this gorgeous DIY peacock costume for your kids (with some crinoline and felt).

Easy no-sew rainbow unicorn costume - This adorable rainbow unicorn costume is easy to make (with some crinoline and felt) and requires no sewing skills.

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