Easy Halloween Cookie Recipes

Halloween / Wednesday, October 17th, 2018

These easy Halloween cookie recipes are sure to be a hit with the kids.

My kids...well, one of them, really, likes to help out in the kitchen.  He cracks eggs, mixes flour (and usually gets flour all over himself and the counter and the flour), and of course - eats the chocolate chips out of the bag when he thinks I'm not looking.

These Halloween cookie recipes are great to make for the kids or with the kids.

Everything from homemade monster cookies to Halloween rice crispy treats to no-bake chocolate monster bark can be whipped up in a flash.

And these are MUCH more creative (and satisfying) then a bag of fun sized treats from the store .

Easy Halloween Cookie Recipes

Easy Halloween Cookie Recipes

These are Halloween takes on classic cookie recipes.  They are super simple to make and great for the kids on Halloween.

1. Pumpkin sandwich cookies - Super easy to make when you use the sugar cookie pre-mix and put some icing and sprinkles between the pumpkin cookies.

2. Monster eyeball cookies - these cookies are cute and super easy to make.  All you need are candy eyeballs and basic cookie ingredients.

3. Mummy and spiderweb sugar cookies - a twist on basic sugar cookies for Halloween.

4. Witch hat cookies - these are super chocolate-y and extra easy to make.

5. Jack Skellington sugar cookies - Feeling creative?  Try these super cute sugar cookies for your littles (and the not-so-littles).

6. Peanut butter spider cookies - It's actually pretty easy to put a peanut butter cup spider on top of these Halloween cookies.

Easy No-Bake Halloween Cookies

Easy No-Bake Halloween Cookie Recipes

I love things that you don't have to bake.  Less time, less mess (usually), and the kids are MUCH more likely to help make them.

These easy no-bake Halloween cookies can be whipped up in under an hour.  (You can probably make more than one batch in under an hour.)  And they are perfect for little hands to help out with.

1. Halloween pretzels - Mummies, pumpkins, and owls in a flash.

2. Monster pretzels - Marshmallow, pretzel, and chocolate clusters - yes!

3. Oreo cookie spiders - Maybe this is cheating just a little bit...how to turn Oreos into spiders.

4. Monster mash chocolate bark - This Halloween chocolate bark is GORGEOUS, and so chocolatey!

5. Frozen "boo-nana" pops - These are secretly healthy.  Shhh....Don't tell the kids.

6. Spider web pretzels - Spooky and delicious.

Rice Crispy Halloween Treats

Halloween Rice Crispy Treat Recipes

Why not try a rice crispy take on Halloween cookies?  These are super easy to make, and they are adorable (except the witches fingers...which honestly creep me out just a little bit).

1. Candy corn rice crispy squares - a rice crispy take on a classic Halloween candy.

2. Spooky spider rice crispy treats - Rice crispy squares (well...circles) plus peanut butter cups.  Genius!

3. Frankenstein rice crispy treats - Spooky and super easy to make.

4. Witch finger rice crispy treats - Want to make a bowl of witches fingers for Halloween?

5. Pumpkin rice crispy treats - These are simple to make and extra adorable.

6. Monster rice crispy treats - Also adorable, and really easy to make.

Easy 3-Ingredient Halloween Treats

Easy 3-Ingredient Halloween Treats

These Halloween treats are super easy to make and require only 3 ingredients.  When you're rushed for time but you want something more creative than a bag full of fun sized chocolate bars (or countless lollipops), these are great recipes to whip up for the kids (and maybe for yourself!).

1. Candy corn pretzels - Sweet and salty and super easy to make.  Yum!

2. Mummy rice crispy treats - These are easy to make and super adorable.  Great at Halloween lunch box treats!

3. Ghost cookies - Grab a box of Milano cookies and turn them into ghosts.

4. Mummy Oreo truffles - I think I need to go make two dozen of these.  Right now.

5. Candy corn bark - So simple, and the kids'll love it.

6. Ghost meringues - An adorable Halloween take on the classic meringues cookie.

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