20 Easy Pine Cone Crafts for Kids

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My kids love collecting stuff, especially things they find in nature.  We have a stash of at least a dozen pine cones at home (I think I already set another 2 dozen free in the front yard) that are perfect for making easy pine cone crafts.

This collection of pine cone crafts are perfect to do with your kids (the littles and the not so littles).  My preschoolers LOVE these crafts.  They are perfect for keeping little hands busy, encouraging creativity, and making cute stuff (which can be used for decorating or gifting later).

20 Easy Pine Cone Crafts for Kids

20 Easy Pine Cone Crafts to Make with Your Kids

These pine cone crafts (pictured above) are super easy to make with your kids.  Start collecting pine cones....like right now....and try making them all.  This would take my kids at least one whole afternoon to blow through.  (I'm not the only one with kids who make like 80 things in under an hour, am I?)

  1. Montessori inspired pine cone apple art - Make an apple out of a pine cone.  Super cute.
  2. Pine cone spiders - You just need some googly eyes and some pipe cleaners.
  3. Pine cone fireflies - These are adorable, and pretty simple to make.
  4. Pine cone bird feeders - Peanut butter, bird seed, and pine cones (and some string) are all you need to make these easy pine cone bird feeders.
  5. Pine cone bats - Get out some felt and googly eyes and make some pine cone bats.  Great for Halloween!
  6. Pine cone owls - Really all you need to make these pine cone owls is some glue and construction paper.  And they are super cute.
  7. Pine cone turkey - This is an adorable and easy autumn pine cone craft.  Turn your pine cones into festive turkeys!
  8. Pine cone hummingbird - This cute little hummingbird is made from pine cones and acorns (and some paint).
  9. More owls - These owls are cute and fluffy with feathers attached as their wings.
  10. Pine cone penguin - This pine cone craft is a bit more complex and will need some adult help for the really littles.  Felt, pipe cleaners, and feathers'll turn this pine cone into a penguin.
  11. Pine cone crown - This is a gorgeous and super easy pine cone craft to do with your girls.  Then let them frolic through the forest like forest fairies.
  12. Pine cone hedgehogs - You just need some felt, googly eyes, and glue to turn these pine cones into adorable hedgehogs.
  13. Pine cone elves - This pine cone craft will definitely require some help from mom or dad, but these cute pine cone elves are totally worth the work.
  14. Yarn pine cones - Yarn pine cones are just about the easiest pine cone craft you can make, and gorgeous when used as a centerpiece.
  15. Even more owls - These owls need felt and buttons.  They are super cute and great as autumn (or Christmas) ornaments.  Hang them everywhere!
  16. Pine cone robin - An adorable pine cone craft to make with the kids.  Turn a pine cone into a robin with some felt and googly eyes.
  17. Pine cone fairies - Make about a billion pine cone fairies to hang in your back yard (or...well...maybe not quite so many, but these are just so adorable!)
  18. Pine cone roses - This pine cone craft is super creative and easy to make.  Turn pine cones (and some sticks) into roses.
  19. Pine cone angels - These are great pine cone crafts to make for Christmas and give to all your relatives (and anyone else who loves your kids and DIY gifts).
  20. Pine cone Christmas tree - Make these adorable little Christmas trees with your kids, and let them decorate with pom poms (and glitter, and sequins, and tinsel, and....)

Rebecca is a mother of twin boys and a professional blogger.  She loves to bake, knit, and run through the forest.

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2 Replies to “20 Easy Pine Cone Crafts for Kids”

  1. What a great affordable project.  I absolutely know this is something my 5 year old grand daughter and her mom would love to do together.  They can make some and give them to me for Christmas.  Finding pages like this on the internet is like finding a breath of fresh air.  Kudos to you for taking the time to write such a wonderful blog post.

    1. Thanks, Dale!  I think my 5 year olds want to make like a dozen of these (or more)!  I’m glad to hear that pine cones from the grandkids is an appreciated Christmas gift.

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