How to Make Gummy Bear Slime

Science Experiments, STREAM Activities / Monday, October 8th, 2018

My kids were super excited to make edible slime.  We found this gummy bear slime recipe that works REALLY well.

We turned gummy bears (and corn starch and icing sugar) into edible candy slime. 

It was super simple.

And since we put down a plastic sheet before we made the gummy bear slime, it was a fairly easy clean up.

Kids should definitely have adult supervision when making gummy bear slime, since it is REALLY hot when it comes out of the microwave.

Pick your favourite colour of gummy bears and try out this super simple gummy bear slime.  (Or mix some colours together and see what happens.)

One of my twins also added some extra candy into his gummy bear slime as we were mixing it together.  You can add un-melted gummy bears, or other hard candies, but be careful adding candies like Smarties, Reese Pieces, etc. as the outside candy will crunch into shards in the slime (yummy but dangerous).

How to Make Gummy Bear Slime

Gummy Bear Slime Recipe

Ingredients you need for making gummy bear slime:

  • gummy bears
  • confectioners sugar (icing sugar)
  • corn starch

The amount of icing sugar and corn starch that you use will be determined by how many gummy bears you use.

Use the icing sugar and corn starch in a 1:1 ratio.

We used about a dozen gummy bears and about 1/4 cup of our icing sugar + corn starch mix.

You will also need...

  • a microwaveable bowl or measuring cup
  • plates or a clean surface (that you would eat off of) to make the slime on
  • a big spoon

How to Make Gummy Bear Slime

Making gummy bear slime is super simple (and extra yummy).

  • Mix corn starch and icing sugar together.  (We used a paper plate to keep the mixture contained.)  Use a 1:1 ratio.  For about a dozen gummy bears, you'll need something like 1/4 cup of corn starch + icing sugar.
  • Melt your gummy bears in the microwave (use a microwaveable bowl or measuring cup) for about 12-15 seconds.  Your gummy bears should be liquid.
  • Spoon the gummy bear liquid onto the corn starch + icing sugar mixture and mix together.

Be careful.  Your gummy bear goo will be HOT.

The more corn starch + icing sugar you use, the less the gummy bear slime will stick to your hands (and your face, and the table, and everything else).

kids making gummy bear slime
My kids making gummy bear slime. With sticky gummy bear faces.

Your gummy bear slime will be strechy for a while after you make it, but once it cools down, it basically becomes candy and no longer slime.

And you can definitely eat this after you make it.  (But be warned that it is SO much sugar.  So much.)

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