How to Make Salt Dough Bird Ornaments

Christmas, DIY Kids Crafts / Friday, November 9th, 2018

These Scandinavian style salt dough bird ornaments are super simple to make, and something that you can make with the kids - by the dozens, if you so choose!

All you need to make these ornaments is some salt, flour, water, paint (and a paintbrush), and ribbon or jute string.

How to Make Salt Dough Bird Ornaments


  • Make some basic salt dough, first.  You can find my Easy Salt Dough Recipe here.
  • Once you have your salt dough made, flatten it out with your hands or a rolling pin.
  • Use a knife to cut out your bird shape, and cut a heart shaped hole where the wing would be.
  • To set your ornaments, you can either bake them at 200F for about 10-20 minutes (longer if they are larger), or you can air dry them for 2-7 days.  (Note: the baked ornaments look a lot nicer and set better.)
  • Paint your birds and run a ribbon or a jute string through the heart shaped hole.
  • Tadaa! Scandi-style bird ornaments for your tree.

Rebecca is a mother of twin boys and a professional blogger.  She loves to bake, knit, and run through the forest.

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6 Replies to “How to Make Salt Dough Bird Ornaments”

  1. Hey Rebecca!  I was so pleased to encounter your easy to follow instructions and inspired ornament creating post here as it is pouring rain outside right now and I have weathered the cold and wet for the entire week of outdoor activities and was looking to do something creative inside today with my 7 year old son. This activity is the perfect fit!  Also comes with great timing as he just asked me the other day when we are going to get the Christmas tree out and do some decorations ( I think the appeal of candy canes was the real motivation though…lol)  Your link to creating the dough and your instructions on implementing this activity are easy to follow and an excellent way to keep my creative lil dude busy and screen free!  Thank you so much and I wish you a most pleasant holiday season!

    1. Hi Bex!  I’m glad you found this helpful.  I have two 5 year old boys (holy moly!) and we’ve been making salt dough things lately.  I JUST got the Christmas tree out today (Is November too early?) and I am looking forward to making a whole tree worth of ornaments!

  2. A great craft to do with the family, here in the US we have the same recipe. And use cookie cutters to make bells, angels, shapes, gingerbread men/women.
    I’ve never seen the birds before. Is there a significance of the birds to Scandinavia?
    Can’t wait to hear the answer I love incorporating things from other places. In and on our Christmas tree.

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Scarlett. I actually have no idea if or of what significance the birds are to Scandinavia. We live in Canada. I just loved the Scandinavian style bird design (saw someone selling them and figured I could make similar out of salt dough). I guess someone somewhere decided that THESE birds are Scandinavian style. I think it’s the rustic, minimalist element that makes them that. 🙂

  3. Oh, I had forgotten all about these. They bring back suck awesome memories. My brother and I use to make these all the time. Then we would make popcorn balls and string popcorn. This such a great post for others to do with there children.

    Or like myself who was reminded of making them 50 years ago. Thank for the memories with your article. It reminded me of us making them and the good times shared.



    1. That sounds amazing, Elaine!  I think the popcorn string is a brilliant idea.  I never did that as a kid.  Do you think that, if I make some with my kids now, they’ll eat them all by tomorrow?  (Haha.)

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