15 Quick & Easy Ideas for Salt Dough Ornaments

Christmas, DIY Kids Crafts / Thursday, November 8th, 2018

My kids love to make stuff.  Like ALL the stuff.  ALL the time.  We have a collection of at least a dozen cardboard boxes that are reserved for crafts (car garages, homes for stuffies, or the TBD, not-yet-defined, "I need this! It's mine!" box).  So salt dough ornaments for Christmastime is like the best idea ever.

My kids can make stuff.  They can paint stuff and glitter stuff.  And they can make dozens of them.

(I think that all the neighbours, and our family, and our church friends, and our friends, and the kids' teachers, and the crossing guard, and maybe even every grocery store cashier that we see between now and Christmas is going to get one of these ornaments.)

We've gathered 15 of the best (and easiest!) ideas for salt dough ornaments that you can make in time for Christmas.

Trust me when I say that my kids will be making at least 3 of every single one of these each.  (Excuse me while I go buy more salt and flour....)

15 Quick and Easy Ideas for Salt Dough Ornaments

15 Quick & Easy Salt Dough Ornaments

To make these ornaments, just whip of a batch of salt dough.  This only takes about 5 minutes and requires 3 ingredients: salt, flour, and water.

Once you have your salt dough made, the things that you can make with it are endless!

Christmas tree salt douhg ornaments

Christmas tree salt dough ornaments by Pear Mama.

candy cane salt dough ornament

Candy cane ornament by Kid Friendly Things to Do 

Christmas tree salt dough ornament

Fingerprint tree ornament by Messy Little Monster.

melted snowman salt dough ornament

Melted snowman salt dough ornament by Kid Friendly Things to Do.

salt dough santa handprint ornaments

Salt dough Santa handprint ornaments by Momma Society.

salt dough bird ornaments

Scandinavian style salt dough bird ornaments by Lunch with the Littles.

footprint penguin

Footprint penguin by Messy Little Monster.

easy salt dough star ornaments

Easy salt dough star ornaments by Red Ted Art.

Christmas hand print salt dough ornaments

Snowman keepsake handprint ornament by Learning and Exploring through Play.

fingerprint snowman salt dough ornament

Fingerprint snowman salt dough ornament by Crafty Morning.

salt dough emoji ornaments

Salt dough emoji ornaments by Pampered Chef.

salt dough fingerprint hearts

Salt dough fingerprint heart ornaments by CBC.

fingerprint salt dough ornaments

Fingerprint angel and star salt dough ornaments by Cutesy Crafts.

salt dough heart ornaments

Salt dough heart ornaments by Red Ted Art.

salt dough heart ornaments

More salt dough heart ornaments by Twin Dragonfly Designs.

Rebecca is a mother of twin boys and a professional blogger.  She loves to bake, knit, and run through the forest.

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6 Replies to “15 Quick & Easy Ideas for Salt Dough Ornaments”

  1. Hi,

    I love your article. I am going to make this stuff with my kids to see if we can do it. I believe it is a way to share time with them and develop their ability to build and create art.
    I’m looking forward to seeing what other stuff you will suggest.



    1. I LOVE doing crafts with the kids! I agree re: sharing time together. And these are all pretty quick and easy for kids to make. I’ve done some of them with my 5 year olds already. 🙂

  2. t seems I won’t have to go out and spend a small fortune on new Christmas tree ornaments this year after landing on this prize of a post.  My son is super creative and I am always looking for easy to follow instructional craft ideas for him and I to engage in when the weather is just a little too cold and wet to go out in.  These ideas are incredibly creative and vibrant and your many photographs make it look like such a lovely task to share with my child.  It has even inspired me to perhaps make a few more to send to his friends and family members.  Thanks Rebecca!

    1. I’m glad you’re feeling inspired, Bex.  One of the great things about having young kids is that you can get them to make basically ALL of your Christmas ornaments.  Once my kids are teenagers, I feel like I’m going to have to up my own DIY skills to fill the cuteness gap.  🙂

  3. I’m totally unfamiliar with this method of ornament making, so forgive the ignorant question, but… are these EDIBLE??

    I made some personal ornaments of each member of my family one year out of clay, that then had to be baked and, after 13 years… they’re still together! But this sounds somewhat easier.

    The question is, will they last as long??

    1. Hi TJ.  Technically, they are edible (if you don’t pain them), but they’d taste kind of awful.  As to how long they last, you would have to seal them if you want them to be waterproof.  Otherwise, as long as you don’t get them wet, they last pretty well indefinitely.  I would varnish it, though, if you want to be sure.

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