Paper Snowflake Crafts for Kids

Christmas, DIY Kids Crafts / Saturday, November 24th, 2018

My kids loves making paper snowflakes, and they are so easy to make!  These paper snowflake crafts for kids will get your littles thinking creatively about snowflakes.

They can make the classic paper snowflakes, or get more creative and make 3D paper snowflakes, angry birds paper snowflakes, or rainbow gradient snowflakes out of food coloring and coffee filters.

15 Paper Snowflake Crafts for Kids

Paper Snowflake Crafts for Kids

  • These colorful paper snowflakes from cupcake liners are super simple to make and help the littles work on their scissor skills.
  • These paper snowflake ballerinas are super cute and can be strung from the ceiling so that they twirl.
  • These colorful 3D snowflakes are gorgeous and easier to make than they look.
  • Cut out some snowman snowflakes with the kids and use them to decorate...well...everything!
  • You can find a basic 'how to cut a paper snowflake' tutorial over at Wikihow.
  • Wonderful DIY has some templates to help you make some crazy elaborate paper snowflakes.  (They are easier than they look.)
Coffee filter snowflakes from Intellidance.
  • These watercolor snowflakes are gorgeous!  And they are made out of coffee filters.  They are super easy for the kids to make.
  • You can find some basic tutorials on how to make snowflakes from coffee filters over at My Kids Adventures.  These are also super easy for kids to make.
  • Here's another 3D paper snowflake that is easier to make than it looks.
  • Make a paper snowflake garland to string across your living room.

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